Educating Rava

August 04, 2020

Rava, the trainee guide dog that was “adopted” and “christened” by Ravago Group in Greece, takes “lessons” in the swimming pool area of the Olympic Stadium of Athens (OAKA).


The new member of the Greek School for Guide Dogs “Lara” is only six months old and since the beginning of June has started socializing and basic obedience training. The Olympic Swimming Complex is her new home, an ideal place for training, since she must learn to avoid distractions from noise and people despite her young age. Meanwhile, the surroundings of the complex give the opportunity for exploration during training breaks.


Her favorite habits are the cool grass, but also the automatic watering system - an inexhaustible source of coolness

So, Rava is being trained but at the same time is mentally training us to see beyond our everyday world and get familiar with other aspects of human offer with reference to the selflessness and unconditional help that Rava represents.