Fields of Activities

Ravago Group in Greece is a group of companies specialized in the following fields of activities: Manufacturing, Chemicals, Plastics & Elastomers, Building & Construction Solutions, Renewable Energy & Real Estate. It has a remarkable presence in the Greek Market for more than 35 years and after the recent acquisitions counts more than 400 employees all over Greece.

Ravago Greece Group

Major Milestones

First company of Ravago Group in Greece was POLYKEM S.A. (Building & Construction Solutions Division) which was founded in 1984. Within 2014-2015, Polykem was merged with its subsidiaries and recently rebranded to RAVAGO HELLAS BUIDING SOLUTIONS S.A.

RAVAGO PLASTICS HELLAS S.A. (Plastics & Elastomers Division) was founded in 1985 and at that time, had its own Commercial Office, a Recycling Unit in Nea Artaki Chalkida and warehouses. Within 1993, the company became Distributor for Dow Chemicals and since 2000 Ravago Plastics Hellas is responsible for the Distribution/Sales of the Ravago and Resinex Portfolio in Greece. Resinex Group, a member of the Global Ravago Group is the dedicated Pan-European Distributor of Plastic Raw materials & Elastomers. Within 2002, Ravago Plastics Hellas expanded its activities into the Balkan area and in 2016 rebranded to RESINEX HELLAS S.A.

In the following years, three more companies were founded, DIOLKOS KATASKEVASTIKI ATE (Building Solutions Division) in 1997 and P/V Parks FYLLO S.A. & MEDON S.A. in 2007. 

In 2012, Ravago Group acquired MONOTEZ S.A. (Manufacturing Division) and its sister company Eastchem in Turkey (today named as Ravago Petrokimya Uretim A.S/ Eastchem). Within the next year,  Ravago Group has expanded its position in the EPS sector in Europe by making one more step. The company has acquired the ex EPS department of the Styron Group located in Germany, under the name Ravapor GmBH and became one of the biggest EPS producers in Europe, with a production capacity over 280.000 tons on annually basis.

By the end of 2013, VELTRO S.A. (Chemicals Division) joined Greek Ravago Group and with this acquisition, Ravago Chemicals Division in Greece was officially established. Veltro was recently rebranded to RAVAGO CHEMICALS HELLAS S.A.

In 2016, Ravago Group further strengthened its position in the Greek market with the acquisition of AV.IP-Construction Insulating LTD (Building Solutions Division). The company started as a family business producing few bituminous products and almost simultaneously with its acquisition, was merged with Ravago Hellas BS. Later on and within the same year, two more acquisitions took place, those of DELTA CHEMICALS S.A. and PENTAPLAST S.A. (Plastics & Elastomers Division).

Following the international regulations governing the new business model, from 2017 the Group, intending to further expand its activities in the field of renewable energy sources, incorporated in its portfolio the company VIOPAR ENERGY S.A. which owns a biomass power plant in Volos.


In the same year, a joint venture of the Ravago Group with the company Fibrotermica was formed, which led to the creation of a new company under the name RAVATHERM HELLAS S.A. which was recently fully acquired by the Group and renamed RAVAGO KATERINI S.A. (Building & Construction Sector).

In 2018, the successful acquisition of DIAMORFOTIKI SA & DIAMORFOTIKI VIOTIAS S.A. takes place, integrating into the Group the manufacturing plant of drywall & ceiling metal profiles in Kokkinochoma, Viotia, and during the next two years merged with RAVAGO HELLAS BUILDING SOLUTIONS A.E.

The same year, Lavrio production units (ex Dow Hellas) were added to Ravago Group of Companies and RAVAGO LAVRION S.M.S.A. was formed. This action is part of the overall Ravago Group strategy which resulted in the acquisition of all Dow Polystyrene Product Units in Europe. At the end of 2021 RAVAGO LAVRION S.M.S.A. merged with RAVAGO HELLAS S.A. and RAVAGO KATERINI S.A., and renamed to RAVAGO HELLAS S.M.S.A.


2019 is characterized by a series of additional successful actions. Ravago Group adds to its potential DR D.A. DELIS S.A. company, active in the fields of Trade and Distribution of Specialized Products of Chemical Industry as well as plastic products. Towards the end of the same year and following the development policy of the Ravago Group,  Dr. D.A. DELIS SA was absorbed by RAVAGO CHEMICALS HELLAS S.A.