A Pilot Team Building Event took place at Ravago Greece Group with the participation of Group's Organization Department

May 07, 2021

The truth is that behind successful companies there is always a well-rounded team. Winning teams are the ones that are collaborative. Working in an environment with clear and open communication can yield rapidly successful results, no matter the industry.  

In that context, Ravago Greece Group took the initiative to organize a pilot Team Building event in which the Administration and Organization Department (Payroll, HR & Marketing) took part in, that included many activities such as ice breaker questions, puzzle solving, satisfaction surveys and finally the construction of a miniature of the Eiffel Tower.  

The goal of the final task was for the teammates to trust each other, learn how to allocate work depending on the difficulty of the task, how to communicate better and finally how to achieve a better outcome than working all by themselves. 

The results were very satisfying, and a promise was made, to keep working as dedicated as that day and keep communicating as sincerely as then to keep up the good work. 

To reassure that this promise will be kept the Eiffel Tower was placed nearby the entrance of the building as a reminder of what teamwork is capable of. 

Even though this Team Building event was a pilot, many events of that kind will follow due to its success.