Ravago Greece Group awarded for Health & Safety

May 24, 2021

People matter at Ravago and we want to do our best to make our employees feel appreciated, valued, and safe while working in a healthy environment. That is why we are proud of Ravago Greece Group being awarded on Health & Safety Awards, powered by Boussias.

The specific category Ravago Greece Group won is for a Healthy & Safe workplace that adopts Healthy Lifestyles, Mental Health & Workplace Culture, Physical Environment, Lighting Regard and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Ravago Greece Group building is certified as a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), meaning the building guarantees strict compliance with the highest international standards in environmental protection, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and overall workplace quality (such as accessibility for people with special needs).

Building specifications

The most important characteristic of this certification is the very low carbon footprint of the building (all areas are illuminated by LED Panels with automatic light dimming sensors for ideal indoor office conditions, but also sensors that detect movement are installed that turn off the lights 30 minutes after the latest movement detection, air conditioning with temperature and movement sensors are also installed, water economy is being ensured by recycling and collecting rainwater etc.)

Also, in meeting rooms there are carbon dioxide sensors. It is very important then not to open the windows carelessly and maintain stable temperatures inside the building on days with extreme weather conditions.

Besides all the previous technical characteristics mentioned above, it is also very important to mention that the building is accessible to People with Special Needs and a very clear and detailed evacuation plan is posted on walls with high visibility to avoid panicking in case of emergency.