Ravago Greece Group in collaboration with Evalion - SHL are applying the best & most reliable tools for the hiring process, targeting to the next High Potentials!

July 05, 2021

Human Resources are trying to remain one step forward by always updating the hiring process. One of the most neuralgic roles in all companies is this department. The key role of developing, reinforcing, and changing the culture of an organization hangs upon HR.

Ravago Greece Group is aware of this responsibility and is making the best by collaborating with Evalion - SHL.

On track in a changing world, new tools need to be incorporated on every aspect of an organization and more importantly in recruitment. Psychometric tests or assessment tools are a new practice that provides employers with more insights into potential hires that may not be able to easily be captured from other methods such as trough an interview or their resume. Psychometric tests and assessment tools are an efficient means to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a potential employee.

Evalion is the first company to introduce psychometric tools in Greece & Cyprus, as SHL Hellas. Today, as SHL Greece & Cyprus, it offers the top tools in the world to help one achieve its goals through the power of its people.

Group is committed to make a very successful change in the hiring process and enhance its search of the new High Potentials of the organization.

Stay tuned to remain updated regarding new job openings.

You might be the next High Potential!