Ravago Greece Group New Offices: The Big Green

August 03, 2018

Since June 2018,  Ravago Greece Group is housed in a brand new building complex, built from the start to host Group's companies, located at the Municipality of Amaroussion, in Attica. From the early stages of the design to the realization of the construction, there is one philosophy described, in the best possible way, with only one word: Green.


A building that fully complies with the International Standards defining the concept of bioclimatic construction and the International Certification for sustainable LEED Gold buildings proves that fact. Public areas and all internal work units are focused on achieving increasing levels of energy efficiency. Surrounding area as well as the roofs of the buildings are planted with Mediterranean plants that improves biodiversity while, at the same time, offering a high standard environment in daily basis.A series of innovative actions by using new technologies and up to date manufacturing methods maximize the benefits for the work environment in full context of environmental consciousness. The new green building of Ravago Group is a tangible example of Group's conviction and at the same time, an applied proposal concerning the way of how a healthy and absolutely friendly work enviroment, can contribute to the essential development of modern enterprise focusing on the respect and protection of the broader social scene. The natural light of Greece and mild climate become allies of Ravago's mentality which is constantly aiming for a better world, more beautiful and always human friendly.


Concepts such as recycling, waste management, controlled energy use, avoiding light pollution, reducing water consumption, rainwater management are priorities and unquestionable rules for the day-to-day operation by transforming the three areas of sustainability: social responsibility, economic prosperity, environmental management into every day reallity under one powerful word: Green.

New Era and at the same time, delineation of new pioneering methods in order to optimize the operation of the Group's companies in Greece based on the unified strategy of the company's leadership. The next step that marks Ravago Group in Greece, is the natural evolution of Group's philosophy and attitude about how to operate in the broader professional arena from the first day of its establishment on an international level.