Ravago Chemicals Hellas S.A.

Company Overview

Veltro SA founded in 1994, having as a main target the representation and sale of industrial raw materials.

In 2014, Veltro SA joined Greek Ravago Group giving the opportunity to  Ravago Chemicals to set foot in the challenging Greek Chemical market.

Later, in 2017, the Re-branding of Veltro SA to Ravago Chemicals Hellas SA was realized. By the end of the same year, the Chemical Division of another Greek Ravago Company, Delta Chemicals SA, was integrated into Ravago Chemicals Hellas, setting a solid base for the company in the Greek Market & further aiming to expand and strengthen its footprint in the region.

Finally, Dr. D.A. Delis SA joined Greek Ravago Group in 2019 and by the end of this year merged with Ravago Chemicals Hellas SA, adding its potentials to company's overall identity. Through this recent consolidation, Ravago Chemicals Hellas SA expands its presence in the domestic market, since Dr. D.A. Delis SA successfully represents distinguished International suppliers, in the wider field of chemical industry.


Business Units

Ravago Chemicals Hellas is active in the fields of representation & marketing of raw materials and additives for industrial use, in designing and development of ingredient blends for the Food & Beverage, industries and in the field of representation and marketing of Laboratory and Industrial Equipment.

Ravago Chemicals Hellas covers the following market segments:

  • Asphalt
  • Base Chemicals
  • Care
  • Coatings, Inks
  • Construction, Adhesives & Sealants
  • Feed
  • Food
  • Lubricants & Oil Field
  • Textile/Leather
  • Performance Others
  • PU & Polymers
  • Water Treatment



Ravago Chemicals Hellas is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Production unit

The production unit of Ravago Chemicals Hellas is dedicated for blends of ingredients applicable in the food industry.

It is an efficient installation, with 2 horizontal RIBBON blenders, with a capacity of 8 MT per 8 hours working day corresponding to an annual capacity of about 2400 MT.

The basic philosophy of the above operation, is mixing of food ingredients and producing new specialty blends which meet the requirements of our customers in terms of functionality, competitiveness and convenience.



The products Portfolio of the above installation includes:

  • Blends of cereals
  • Bakery improvers
  • Enzymes blends
  • Emulsifiers-stabilizers blends
  • Sweeteners blends
  • Taylor made blends


Ravago Chemicals Hellas is ISO 9001/2008 certified. The blending process conforms to the principles of HACCP which has been integrated into the quality system. R&D, testing, production, and traceability records, are kept at all stages. All products conform to the current EU legislation and documented accordingly.


More info can be found on greece.ravagochemicals.com>