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POLYKEM SA was founded in 1984 and at the time had as main business objective the distribution of DOW’s Styrofoam. 

POLYKEM’’s remarkable success in distributing DOW thermal insulation solutions led to developing strategic partnerships with other leading brands in the building and construction industry. In a very short period POLYKEM enriched its portfolio adding waterproofing, dry construction, geosynthetics, construction chemicals and other specialized building & construction products. These strategic actions established POLYKEM as one of the major distributors of specialized building & construction products. 

In 1999, Ravago Group becomes POLYKEM’s major shareholder. In 2002 creates the pioneering for the Greek market ERGOLAND franchise chain. Continuing its successful progress, in 2005 POLYKEM launches KELYFOS ETICS, an innovating external thermal insulation system. In 2009, POLYKEM becomes member of the Channel “Ravago Building Solutions” and in the following years, targeting to a more flexible and effective structure that is able to tackle the difficulties and demands of that period, absorbs 5 of its affiliated companies. 32 years after its establishment, in 2016, POLYKEM is rebranded to Ravago Hellas BS and some months later merges with AV.IP, a company specialized in the industry of waterproofing and sealing in building constructions. Thus, with this latest acquisition, apart of the existing owned Rooftile Plant in N. Artaki Evias, Ravago Hellas BS is adding in its production activities, this new plant producing bitumen products, situated in Arma Viotias.

On April 2018 Ravago acquired Diamorfotiki Sa & Diamorfotiki Viotias Sa and in the end of the same year Diamorfotiki Sa merged with Ravago Hellas. This move expands its activities, producing drywall & ceiling metal profiles and accessories through the largest and up to date production unit in Greece situated in Kokkinoxoma Viotias.

The same year, Lavrio production units (ex Dow Hellas) were added to the Ravago Group of Companies and Ravago Lavrion SA was formed. This action is part of the overall Ravago Group strategy which resulted in the acquisition of all Dow Polystyrene Product Units in Europe. At the end of 2021 Ravago Lavrion A.E. merged with Ravago Hellas SA and Ravago Katerini SA, and renamed to RAVAGO HELLAS S.M.S.A

At the moment, Ravago Hellas  S.M.S.A. is situated in Maroussi Attika and owns 5 branches. More specifically, apart from the five abovementioned industrial facilities, has also a distribution center in Inofyta Viotia (owned Central Warehouse)


Our mission

Ravago Hellas S.M.S.A., with remarkable and long lasting presence in the Greek market, offers specialized building and construction products and solutions for all phases of construction and renovation.Our goal is always optimizing our client service, through a continuously expanding products portfolio and innovative solutions for the domestic market. Ravago Hellas BS S.A. has an extended network of dealers all over Greece.

More info can be found on www.ravagohellas.gr >

Head offices Maroussi

Central Warehouse Oinofyta Viotia

Rooftile Plant Nea Artaki Evia

Bitumen Plant Arma Viotia

Metal Profiles Plant Kokkinoxoma Viotias

Insulation Production Plant Katerini 

Insulation Production Plant Lavrion