VIOPAR ENERGY SA was founded in 2010, same year that the reformation of the legislative framework of Renewable Energy Sources for Green Development in Greece took place. The company's objective is the production of electric energy through biomass combustion, therefore we acquired by the competent Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) an installed capacity 5MW Production License.

In 2012 VIOPAR was acquired by new shareholders, who set as their primary objectives the completion of the licensing and the finding of reliable and stable biomass suppliers & investors for the realization of the investment.




Licensing by the other Public Entities was completed in 2016 while in 2017 the company was acquired by Ravago Group.

Today, as a member of Ravago Greece Group,VIOPAR ENERGY SA owns the largest and most modern  power plant from biomass fuels in Greece. Its facilities are located in the 2nd Industrial Zone of Volos and include, in addition to the production facilities, a complete fully automated system for storing and supplying biomass to the unit, which ensures self-sufficiency in the production process of about 2 months.


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